KCNSC New Mexico Operation's Hub Completes First Year of Shipments Meeting 100% Deliverables

KCNSC New Mexico Operation's Hub Completes First Year of Shipments Meeting 100% Deliverables

June is a big month for the Integrated Surety Architecture (ISA) Hub logistics program at New Mexico Operations (NMO), as it marks the first full year of shipping Mark Quality (MQ) product for the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Defense (DOD).

The Hub, a new entity within the Nuclear Security Enterprise (NSE) is part of a newer program, Integrated Surety Architecture. As a National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) operation, the Hub has a series of unique requirements and is not yet listed in the Defense Programs Business Process System (DPBPS), a process management system by which the NNSA realizes the United States' nuclear weapon products and related programs.

Kim Linder, Lead Project Manager, shared, “The successful completion of the Hub’s first year of shipments is an important milestone and shows the capability and flexibility of the Hub’s ability to provide shipping and receiving capabilities for the DOE and the DOD.” Linder added, “Our work to add new, unique destinations, products and weapons programs is admirable and I continue to be impressed with how this team has worked together to stand up the Hub program at New Mexico Operations. With no roadmap to follow, the team continues to look under every rock possible to learn how to set up, document and execute this 30-year mission.”

Program Milestones

Over the past year, the Hub has shipped more than 400 MQ parts, meeting 100% of its deliverables. With more than 20,000 parts in stores at the Hub, these shipments required NMO to develop quality aspects and processes for fabrication, assembly, shipping and receiving.

In a little more than four years, the Hub has received over 20 Qualification Evaluation Release (QER) Acceptances. Additionally, the Hub has received MQ product from various production agencies, shipped product, and coming full circle to receive back and reprocess product from the field.

Joint Efforts Between Albuquerque and Kansas City

The work to stand up the Hub program at NMO began in March 2020 with 20+ departments based in Albuquerque and Kansas City. Jeff Conner, Director of New Mexico Operations, complimented the joint effort that required the teams to first learn about the still-in-development weapons programs. “Many significant new capabilities have been developed to accomplish the program’s rigorous requirements and I’d like to congratulate the entire Hub team for meeting your first-year milestone with 100% deliverables!”

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