Global Security

The Global Security mission provides advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions in support of national security for government organizations. Utilizing an array of cutting-edge capabilities, the Global Security team at the Kansas City National Security Campus offers secure services to meet mission-critical national security needs.

The world's most trusted source for national security

Safeguarding the nation with products and services that support proliferation deterrence, supply chain assurance and responsiveness to global threats.

Global Security's support for national security missions is conducted across four core competencies:

  • Secure Product Realization - securely defining new product designs and required manufacturing and field support processes
  • National Asset Sustainment - ensuring national assets stay mission capable
  • Advanced Manufacturing Development - improving manufacturing practices, techniques and products while mitigating vulnerabilities
  • Supply Chain Management - planning, analyzing, controlling and executing a product or services flow

If you would like to learn more about how Global Security can quickly and securely provide critical field-ready solutions for your organization or agency, please contact the Global Security team.

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