Supply Chain Management Center

SCMC_Mission_graphicHoneywell manages the Supply Chain Management Center, a strategic sourcing service for contractors who work with the Department of Energy.

The SCMC is a consortium that leverages the DOE’s $4 billion in annual purchases to ensure better prices and overall service.

An online portal shares the DOE’s purchasing needs and gives qualified contractors the opportunity to respond with competitive bids. To date, the SCMC has provided more than $762 million in cost savings to the DOE, and ultimately, taxpayers.

The SCMC focuses on four key areas:

  • Requirements: Understanding DOE purchasing needs
  • Platforms: Using eSourcing, eProcurement, eStore and other strategic sourcing tools
  • Approach: Applying an innovative, inclusive and collaborative process to purchasing
  • Planning: Maintaining knowledge of commodity and supply markets, as well as regular reporting on costs savings

For more information about the strategic sourcing process and how to bid on DOE opportunities, visit the SCMC.