Commercialization and Licensing 

In the course of fulfilling our national security mission, scientists and engineers create technology solutions that are available for commercialization to outside partners. Our expertise is wide-ranging, from electrical devices and materials to state-of-the-art capabilities. We are especially skilled in low volume, high precision production techniques. We have developed these capabilities through 70 years in support of our national defense.

The DOE’s NNSA facilities are a system of intellectual assets unique among world scientific institutions and serve as regional engines of economic growth for states and communities across the country.

The Kansas City National Security Campus actively licenses the intellectual property (patent applications, patents, software code, copyrights and trademarks) developed at the KCNSC so you can benefit from the discoveries and designs of our engineers. In addition to saving time and product development costs, here are some other benefits to putting our IP to work for your organization:

  • You’re licensing a solution that’s been tested, refined and tested again, and is proven to work
  • You’re covered by the legal protection the National Nuclear Security Administration offers for IP developed at the KCNSC
  • Royalties are paid to the NNSA but they’re awarded to the scientists and engineers who develop the innovation

Click here for a list of Commercially Available Technologies.

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