Advanced Manufacturing

A key differentiator at the Kansas City National Security Campus is our ability to leverage new technologies and produce many diverse products all in one secure facility. We offer a full range of electronic/microelectronic, mechanical and engineered materials development.

The process of getting new technology from the development stage to production is a long journey. The intersection of these mission needs and collective research forms the basis of the process to revolutionize our production.

Explore our Technologies section to learn how KCNSC is creating roadmaps to ensure we’re at the forefront of national security innovation.

KCNSC Tech Talk: Electromagnetic Launchers

Watch how the Kansas City National Security Campus is using Electromagnetic Launchers.

KCNSC Tech Talk: Superhydrophobic Technology

How the KCNSC is using superhydrophobic technology.

KCNSC Tech Talk: Augmented Reality

Today’s technological advances are moving in that direction and generating a wave of opportunities in manufacturing like never before.

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