KCNSC Inspires Students, Legislators during STEM Day at the Capitol

Mar 7, 2023, 11:26 AM

On Thursday, March 6, 2023, over 500 students across the Show-Me State participated in the annual STEM Day at the Capitol, sponsored by KCNSC’s community partner, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Sponsors of the event include companies such as the KCNSC, Boeing, Pfizer and educational institutions such as Missouri S&T.

This year, KCNSC provided two educational experiences for students:  a hand-on teaching demonstration for electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering and a virtual reality (VR) experience in building a rocket ship.

“I love seeing kids get excited about science, technology and engineering – the whole thing. Kids love these types of activities, and seeing them, I get excited. It kind of lets you relive your childhood a little bit and remember how all inspiring these things are,” said Lauren Speer, Senior Engineer.

While virtual / augmented reality is being adopted at the KCNSC for training and other purposes, the program needed to be inspiring for students. For a few weeks leading up to STEM Day, Matt Gipson, KCNSC’s Applications Development Analyst, programed the system to build a basic rocket.

“Rockets are fun. They go up high, and sometimes – they explode if you don’t build them correctly,” Speer added. “There are a lot of things to consider when building a rocket.”

During the event several Missouri state officials, including Governor Mike Parson, toured the exbibits that showcased some of the innovative efforts underway in Missouri to encourage and inspire tomorrow’s STEM talent.

Learn more by watching a video produced by the Missouri Chamber.


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