Hiring our Heroes program helps veterans transition to workforce

Jul 29, 2020, 10:49 AM

As a company, we're committed to hiring veterans, and our mission culture is an ideal fit for former U.S. military personnel. Currently we have more than 800 veterans (13% of our workforce) supporting our national security mission. Veterans provide a distinct advantage to our business because they tend to have an immediate connection with our mission and understand the importance of working as a team to solve challenges. Through partnering with the Kansas City Chamber/U.S. Chamber's "Hiring our Heroes" program, we finished hosting a summer cohort of  five retiring military professionals who have seen great benefits from the program. 

 “This program provided me with the confidence that I can contribute in meaningful ways by applying leadership and operational and planning skills,” Jeffrey Schmidt, Hiring our Heroes Fellow Resident sated. “I am eternally grateful for the opportunity extended to me and now my biggest fear of entering the workforce is not really as scary as it first appeared.”

Veterans are a great addition to our workforce because they generally come with an established clearance, strong work ethic, accelerated learning, performance under pressure and inspirational leadership – all of these qualities foster successful careers.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony sponsored by Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies, President Eric Wollerman said, “Being on the cusp of transitioning from military service to civilian life can be intimidating. Acknowledging this, we’ve worked hard to hire more veterans into our organization and have discovered veterans tend to have an immediate connection with our mission.”

We congratulate the Hiring our Heroes graduating class, namely, our five graduates; Quenton Moore, Damien Cunningham, James Grose, Jeff Schmidt and Terry Sullivan. All are in various stages of leaving the military and interviewing for positions here and elsewhere. We also congratulate Terry Sullivan for accepting a position in our finance department.

We are grateful to all our U.S. military veterans for the noble work they have done for our country and honored to support this nationwide effort to connect veterans, service members and military spouses with meaningful employment opportunities.

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