University students turn concepts into reality

Sep 19, 2018, 02:43 PM

Each year Honeywell sponsors senior design electrical, mechanical and materials engineering projects at several local universities. Honeywell engineers propose small design-based projects that are sent to the universities and selected by the students. The students spend 1-2 semesters designing and building prototypes with the guidance of Honeywell and their professors.

 This year more than 50 projects were completed at schools. These projects included designing a vacuum compatible 2-axis rotating fixture, metal AM of a design team component, a gunshot detector, design of an energy harvesting device, and additive manufacturing of ceramics.

Nick Green, mechanical engineer, requested a “Hopper Handling Device” for a 3D printer that requires two operators to handle the hopper when removing it from the equipment. The hopper’s height from the ground and weight of 80 pounds made it a safety concern. Several schools selected this project but Kansas State University came out on top with a robust design to make this a simple, one-person operation.

Jul6_Sr design team