Take Your Child to Work Day emphasizes future careers

May 3, 2018, 04:44 PM

“Thank you for choosing to do work that matters for our country.” That’s what nearly 250 middle and high school students said to their parents at our 2018 Take Your Child to Work Day event. The program began with a special American flag pinning ceremony as students recited the line and pinned their parents.

 This year’s event was all about family, country and technology with a passport that students had stamped with additively manufactured stamps, customized for 12 unique activities.

 The activities for scholars showcased our technologies, employee initiatives, and community and career opportunities through demonstrations about Additive and Advanced Manufacturing, Assembly and Electrical Fabrication, Augmented Reality, Inclusion, Liquid Nitrogen, Little Bits, Printing Droids, and Safety and Security.

 “Take Your Child to Work Day allowed my daughters to see first-hand the several different career paths they could go in,” said Alaena Mallory, Staffing Specialist. “It was a mutual learning experience, and my children know that ideas can indeed become realities. As a result, they know that having confidence, communication skills, creativity, work ethic, and leadership skills in any career they choose, they will be successful.”

 In a post-event survey, employees indicated the day successfully engaged their students and led to discussions between parents and their children about future careers at Honeywell and what it means to choose work that matters.