Education Resources

Our company and employees support the Kansas City and Albuquerque communities in a variety of ways. Contact us at about how to:

  • Apply for a HOPE Scholarship and Black Achievers Society Engineering Scholarship
  • Participate in leadership, educational or STEM programs and events
  • Secure support for community programs tied to veterans, housing, diversity, safety or civic initiatives
  • Request a Honeywell speaker for your event

Please visit to learn more about our high school scholarship programs and careers in manufacturing. The microsite is designed to highlight the exciting world of advanced manufacturing and introduce high school students to a career path many have never considered.

Please visit the Department of Energy’s Minority Serving Institution Partnership Program, which connects inspired minority students with the vast recourses of our nation’s laboratories, plants, and sites – setting them on a career path of innovation and achievement through STEM disciplines. More than 100 interns representing 34 different minority serving institutions are placed each year in a 10-week summer internship. Once academic requirements are complete, qualified students are often recruited for full-time employment. Students apply through their institution.